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    Our consultants help ambitious leaders to implement decisions about strategic change.

    Habena Consulting - Project and change management

    Project and change management

    Does your organization have sufficient resources to manage projects?

    Habena Consulting can quickly fill an expertise gap, which ensures fast and efficient implementation of your projects. From decision to results.


    We provide consultants and teams that helps your business in all phases of projects within IT, organizational change and process development.


    With our expertise and methodology we ensure that the customer project is performed in a controlled and business-oriented manner, with clear and measurable results.

    Habena Consulting - Strategic analysis in 1-2-3

    Strategic analysis in 1-2-3

    Is your business thriving or dying?

    With a strategic analysis of your business we will quickly get to the key pain points and ensure that the opportunities hiding beneath the surface are identified.


    Our strategic analysis focus on three critical important aspects:


    1. Financial situation

    2. Operational efficiency

    3. Commercial potential


    The analysis ensures that we only continue working with projects that deliver value to your business.

    Habena Consulting - LEAN & continuous improvements

    LEAN & continuous improvements

    Does your business deliver customers what they need when they need it?

    Habena Consulting assists you with systematic problem solving, which removes the time wasting activities and ensures that your organization focuses only value-added activities.


    Our consultants are certified in Lean Six Sigma and always work with the goal in mind that managers and employees of your business sit left with the methodology and workflow we use, and that LEAN and continuous improvement becomes a part of your business culture.


    Examples of gains among our reference clients:


    ~ 40% increased productivity

    ~ 25% reduced sick leave

    Habena Consulting - Turnaround management

    Turnaround management

    Is your business struggling with red numbers/crisis?

    Habena Consulting can help you with an experienced person to quickly take control of your business financials and operations.


    We assist your business with the management of short-term liquidity, cost reductions, refinancing and design of the "new direction"/strategy.


    "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein


    With our expertise and methodology we ensure that the short-term solutions in the turnaround adds a good basis so your organization can continue building value for the long-term.

  • Vacant positions

    Habena Consulting is always looking for good project managers, enterprise architects and developers that are passionated about operational efficiency and change.


    Applications will always be evaluated, even during times we do not have any specific position announced.


    We can offer professional challenging projects with high intensity in both small and large organizations, network building among inspiring business leaders within various industries and good salary terms.


    Applications and CVs can be sent to info@habena.no.

  • Social responsibility

    We provide social entrepreneurs the ability to take advantage of our expertise and long experience within business development in various companies and industries. Our experience is that competency and professional support are oftentimes what provides the greatest value for social entrepreneurs.


    Habena Foundation was launched in 2011 to better exercise one of our company's core values: giving something back to society. For many years we have been the main sponsor of CSR without borders, a French organization that contributes to increased corporate social responsibility in more than 20 countries.


    Helping people, to help others.™

  • Company

    Habena® is a consulting firm, primarily focusing businesses in the need of strategic change and efficient project management to get to its true potential.


    As part of the methodology we use our own LEAD framework™ and Grow Profits Model™ when helping ambitious business leaders to optimize their operations.


    The company name Habena® comes from the Latin language and means management and direction.

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    Harald Ulvestad

    Founder & Director

    Harald is a very results oriented business optimization consultant, with 15+ years experience from project and change management, and business rescue, in large enterprises such as BNP Paribas and Deloitte Consulting, and a number of small and medium-sized enterprises.

    He enjoys working with strategic change management, building business systems and solutions that gives long lasting effects for his clients.


    Harald speaks five languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Norwegian) after studying and working internationally during several years.




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